Travel Bags and Accessories | Sixth Edition

Travel Bags and Accessories

We have travelled an enormous amount for business and leisure. That one night trip to make an important in-person-presentation, or a long planned adventure in a remote national park. Travelling requires specific gear, from spacious to sleek, from elegant to minimalist depending on the occasion.

As a general rule: less is more! Speed through airports or railway stations hands-free and without schlepping stuff, while still having all your papers, cards, passport and smartphone ready in an instant - no problem. A sleek and elegant small crossbody or sling bag will do the job for you. Checkout our travel bags which on top looks super cool and are made to last for more than one trip.

Travel light is definitely the rule of the day. With airlines using up every inch of aircraft cabins to squeeze in more people - no offence to airlines, just an observation - it is essential that your rucksack fits also under the seat in front of you still allowing for some leg space. A leather rucksack with padded laptop compartment, like our Voyager for instance, protects your valuable electronics and withstands some pushing and pressing while on the floor or in an overhead compartment. 

Need to quickly access a cable or a snack? Make sure that your bag, rucksack or sling bag has outside pockets readily available, so you quickly get want what you want.

Check out more travel gear tips in our blog post. Safe travels everyone!