Hand painted Leather Wallets | Sixth Edition

Hand-painted Leather Wallets

In our Sixth Edition collection of our outstanding one-of-a-kind hand painted wallets, we feature the artistic work of our resident artist Ratan Ghorai who comes from East Minnapur in West Bengal. With his small workshop Ratan supports a family of three. His wife and daughter are working on his side on a daily basis, especially his daughter is very keen to learn about the craft which has been present in his family for 49 years, when Ratan´s father started the tradition. 

Today, Ratan gets contracted by several local businesses and we are very lucky that one of our co-founders has a close connection with him, allowing us to create a very special Sixth Edition collection of wallets for you.

Because getting to the final artwork is a long process, we only have a very small batch for each wallets which you will not find anywhere else.

If you are interested to learn more about the making of the pieces and where Ratan gets his inspiration, please check out our blog