New Fur Collection | Sixth Edition

New Fur and Leather Collection

Inspired by the contrast of the white peaked mountains, lush forests and lazy wood stocks, our fur and leather pieces create a sensory experience in a premium cowhide intact with natural fur highlighting a captivating blend of tan, brown, black and creamy white shades, just as in nature.

No animals were harmed in the making of our pieces as the hide is a by product of other industries which would otherwise have gone to waste.

The design is handcrafted out of the most beautiful full grain natural cow fur on leather for a super soft and supple touch and set on full grain plain buffalo leather trim and highlighted with gold finish metal detailing with a high-quality cotton drill lining inside. This genuine cowhide with natural fur bears its renowned signature qualities like the variety of patterns and unique coats to create this magical feel and wholesomeness. Each coat, pattern size, shape, color, natural marks, blemishes are all naturally occurring and truly individual to each hide, which gives the collection a sense of authenticity.